What to sell in Norway and worldwide?

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4 Dec 13 12:20:52 pm
Hi. I`m new on Salehoo, and I`m wondering what to sell? What gives the most profitt, and is most easy to sell?
I live in Norway, so what to sell to Norwegian coustomers, and what to sell on e-bay?

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4 Dec 13 04:31:23 pm
Regarding which items sell on your web store or ebay my advice is do research yourself and start small and check-out at local wholesaler, shops as must seller will not give details on products to sell as we all have to research for new products

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5 Dec 13 01:06:43 am
I think that's very sound advice from Gordon, welcome to both of you to the forum btw

Research is king in this business.

You have to bare in mind that just because a product might sell well world wide, the question needs to be can you compete with the sellers?

Remember, eBay isn't an even playing field. You have big time sellers buying in massive volume and selling at a reduced margins to get sales and dominate the market on hot selling items. So knowing that the product they are selling might be a hot seller worldwide is of little use to you if you can't compete on the same scale that they are.

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5 Dec 13 09:47:39 am
Thanks for good repy to the both of you.
Good advice from the both of you too, and I am taking them to me, and start my research today

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18 Dec 13 05:54:11 am
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