What to sell?

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1 Jul 08 11:13:59 am
Looking at things I think I could sell, looking at small low priced items, $10 - $20 but figure, hey, need to sell heaps to make any sort of money, looking at something a bit steeper, 20-50, thinking nice but not everyone would have money to pay for such item, think, hey, electronics, but you look at auction sites and they are flooded with them, now I am overly confused, maybe lingerie, not sure, need guidance.

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1 Jul 08 03:42:18 pm

You can buy shoes from us Shoenet.com we have ebay sellers who are very happy with our products, and are making very good markup as our shoes are priced so cheap.

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8 Jul 08 01:58:10 am
You could think of purchasing goods by the pallet from ppwd.com. If you purchased a varied pallet of goods you may be able to better decide what kind of product you are best at selling. Maybe start off with a small profit pack. Have a look at the website though. It's worth browsing around to see if you could make a profit from the products offered there. The prices are very affordable for start-up sellers.

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