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When do you charge/not charge sales tax in Michigan/Nevada?

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10 Dec 15 03:54:23 am
Im not the smartest person on this and I havent started my business yet, I want to learn as much as I can before starting... from what I understand, since I live in Michigan and well say my nexus (I do believe that is were my drop shipper or warehouse is) is in Nevada, I need to register my business in Michigan and Nevada, is this correct? and if my customer buys something from me from either one of those states, I must collect sales tax and provide it to that state, is this all correct?

If it is, my theoretical question is, if I dont sell anything to anyone in Michigan or Nevada, I would never have to pay or collect sales tax, is theoretical that correct? because were they will be buying is not a state that I would be registered in, is what I said correct?

My sales will be threw ebay and etsy

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10 Dec 15 06:01:10 am
Hi Jared,

I just have to refer back to my suggestion to your previous post I'm afraid, and suggest you contact the authority on the link I provided to get clarification. While I have an opinion on an answer, I'm not an expert on your local tax regulations there in Michigan and don't feel comfortable passing on information that I'm not 100% on.

To be honest, I wouldn't suggest you take any other advice either, other than from someone who either trades in your state and has experience or is an expert in the field.

A quick call to that department and you will have you answer very quickly and it will be one that you can be 100% in.

Mark (fudjj)

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10 Dec 15 11:37:14 pm
I did contact them, actually I talked to a tax person that works for the state,she said that I need to register for michigan and where ever my nexus is at and collect sales tax there, so my theoretical question, is a question based of what they said, if I dont have a customer that buys from me from my state and my nexus state, then theoretically theres no sales tax that needs to be collected, correct?

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