Where are the so called 'wholesale' prices?

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21 Jan 07 12:05:19 pm
I have looked at dozens of so called 'wholesalers' through recommendations of members and staff at salehoo and have yet to find items from wholesalers cheaper than they can be purchased off of ebay. What's the deal?

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22 Jan 07 03:29:23 am
Well just to let you know, Ebay is a wholesalers marketplace. Almost every item you look for on ebay is selling at its wholesale value and lower. This is the same for the majority of sites on the net that offer items for wholesale. Therefore you need to refine your search for liquidations,and Overstocks. Because these types of deals are the ones you must find if you want to maximize profits on your ebay sales.

We offer a huge list of wholesale suppliers. And even items at wholesale are profitable on ebay if you are selling in the correct nich market and not a oversaturated field.

You can even check out Link hidden: Login to view for some great wholesale deals.

Or places such as liquidation.com for great bulk purchases.

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