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Where do you find good suppliers that you can make a profit?

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15 Aug 07 08:49:15 pm
Ok so i been a salehoo member for over a year now. reading everything i can get my hands on checking all of salehoo's wonderful suppliers *laugh* I have looked everywhere to find a deal i could make money with. I dont care what i sale as long as it sales for a profit. I have even looked at wholesale lots on ebay. Everywhere i look the wholesalers are selling the stuff for alot more than its going on ebay and in most cases alot more than it goes for in stores. So in my whole one year trying to find something that was profitable i have found nothing. So if someone knows a secret that i have missed out on or a supplier that actually gives deals and not rip offs please let me know.

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17 Aug 07 06:16:01 am
Sounds like you have been looking at dropshipping companies, only winners in that little deal is the companies themselves!

They sit back and let you make them all the money, while giving you very little in return by sucking most of the margin out of the product before you even try to sell it.

Money talks, show a wholesaler, or preferably a manufacturer some serious cash...and you will have a deal that will allow you to compete.

No big secret here, if you really want to sell products seriously, not just part time...you need to invest!

Mark (fudjj)

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17 Aug 07 08:39:07 pm
Yeah sounds like your primarily looking at dropshippers and wholesalers to get items to sell on ebay.

However this is your biggest problem. As most items on ebay sell for the wholesale price and sometimes lower.

Its a bit harder to find items at wholesale prices to sell on ebay and consistently sell them for profit.

You should consider buying into overstocks, closeouts and liquidations, as the profit margin is much higher and you can jump into bulk purchases for as little as $150 bucks.

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22 Aug 07 11:44:38 am
I am having the same problem... I can't fine any products that are not going for the same price on eBay... I have searched day and night.

About the closest I have found is on DHGate, but everything is fake and not sure if they will even work in Australia. Jimmy it would be greatly appreciated if you could point me in direction of some good wholesalers as I have not had any of my emials replied to...

If anyone else would share please do.


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22 Aug 07 01:15:34 pm
Hi, Newbie to Salehoo, but stumbled upon it...

the way i get things working is this..

I buy primarily from wholesalers, and only use drop shippers for the once of item, or items i haven;t got that a client asks for...

I have business cards that say, if you want it i'll get it.. ok so i may make no profit on the dropshipper item but at least i know i have made a client happy, and they inturn return, and/or spread the word about myself..

Good luck in the venture... Personally try not to put all your eggs into Ebay.. diversify.. i am in the process ofgoing 80% ONLINE, AND PICKED UP A BARGAIN 1YR HOSTIng and domain name for USD$45 and their servers seem to come up to scratch in several test my IT guru throws at them..

Yours in business

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22 Aug 07 05:04:47 pm
Yes, Jimmy is right.

If you buy over 1000 items in once, you can save a lot of money and raise your profit margin.

Buying small volume items, you will need to pay expensive shipping fee (Express is enpensive, compare to air freight)

Buy in large voume, you will get additional discount. And also it's possible to change the outlook of the products via OEM service. then you will be the only source that can sell this product.

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