Where to look for legitimate suppliers?

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17 May 08 10:10:14 am
Hi Everyone,

I am still unaware where to start looking for a legitimate supplier. If someone could recommend where to start looking for a supplier I would be very grateful.

Kindest regards


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18 May 08 08:52:43 am
Hey Charles. It requires lots of research so be prepared. Get out a pen and paper. Check into the various wholesale suppliers for instance of the Apple iPhone. Make sure the iPhone is basically legitimate, take care of especially the shipping prices, and start communicating to your suppliers one on one.

Doing this repeatedly will make sure you never fail.

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19 May 08 06:54:13 pm
Hi everyone,
I am still unaware of were you even start to look for a legitimate supplier?If someone could recommend were to start looking for a supplier I would be very grateful.

Kindest regards


HI. Start on here with the salehoo search (located at the top of the page on the red bar). Spend some time going through the suppliers that you are interested in and compare prices, shipping prices, minimum ordering quantities, quality of products. Ask lots of questions..Also if you find a supplier that you think you might want to do business with, come back into the forums and post a question as to if anyone has done business with them and what were the results..Also BEFORE you buy, always do a 'whois' search and also do a scam and fraud check, by visitiing one of the 'scam alert' sites..In addition, always do a quick 'google' search on their website as if they are not on the up and up, a google check will normally turn up something...

Too, don't overlook the 'B2B' (business to business' sites as this is where you will normally find the true wholesalers, liquidators and suppliers...

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24 May 08 09:05:18 pm
I am so so new to this, and stuck!! really do not know where to look, and the best places to start on, i am currently selling on ebay, but looking to sell more of new goods. Thought about bags, but there is so many good authentic look alikes! help!!

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24 May 08 10:26:25 pm
marryalexander have you ever thought about handbag pallets from macys threfore you get the authentic thing


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