Who is having success with Salehoo?

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17 Dec 06 01:13:36 pm
:shock: I would like to know who has had success with this site?Also how long have you been selling? Do you also do auction? I'm new to this is site so I could use some inside help.Can you post a item up for auction and then purchase the item and have it dropship?

thank you

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17 Dec 06 09:22:28 pm
Hi there,

What products are you looking for or would you be happy to sell anything. Feel free to PM or reply and we can help you out and give you some tips :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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19 Dec 06 06:36:10 pm
I have done fairly well with salehoo. I have used a few of the sites. I mainly get most of the help from the forums. I read what people are looking for and what they want to sell. Some of them have great advice. The sites were had to search and I look forward to salehoos new rating system. You can make money with this site it just takes time. FInd an item you want to sell and than search away. It might take a few months to find the best prices for the items you want. This is just business. Once you have one main category it is easier to move onto others because you still have income and supplies coming in. Just stay motivated and this site can help. Your bsuiness is only what you put into it.

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11 Jan 07 01:16:59 pm
hi m8, you say youve had reasonable success, but i'm struggling at the moment! could you give some specific websites and/or products you've had success with??/ cheers

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12 Jan 07 09:50:43 pm
When I first signed up I couldnt find any decent suppliers but over time and while working with salehoo I have done several reviews on the sites listed here and found some great deals and products.

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