Wholesale Blues

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3 May 06 10:27:17 pm
I have tried and tried and tried again to find a ligit wholesaler. What I mean by a ligit wholesaler is One that not everyone in the brother can purchase the products. An example of this is Premire Products Internationational. Yes they have some comeptitive prices but you can still buy it cheaper on Ebay.

Speaking of which where do these people get there stuff from I would like to know? Selling stuff at 1/2 the price I can get it for.

I have also tried the whole SMC thing then again ebay SELL FOR LESS the exact same thing. I think the employees of SMC are getting the hands in with an employee discount then reselling it.

Does anyone out there know of a ligitment wholesaler who a) doesnt charge a arm and a leg to be a reseller b) doesnt sell to everyone only people who have bisiness lic #s and c) has good prices so one can actually be competitive on the net.

I have yet to find 1(one) listed in the SaleHoo list of wholesalers. I honestly fell like I had my candy Takin away :(

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3 May 06 10:28:43 pm
Sorry this is my post I forgot to login first

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22 May 06 09:00:38 am

I know how you feel! But remember, a good profit is 5% on each item. You have to buy bulk and sell many to make a little.

Don't expect to buy a few items and double your outlay as you will be dissapointed.


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23 May 06 04:47:47 am
even the littleest profits are great.

i however have been making 28 percent profit on the products i sell on trademe.
and apparently i sell the cheapest mp4 players on trademe with buy nows.
I know its not great offering them for really cheap prices but then again, i buy them quite cheap as well....


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