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Wholesale prices - question?

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3 Nov 07 02:25:40 am
I am new to the wholesale thing. I was wondering where are the wholesale prices? For instance, I looked for cologne Armani, Aqua Di Gio found a wholesaler and the price per bottle was 450.00 thats what i pay for it as retail. So, where are the wholesalers prices at?

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3 Nov 07 02:49:59 pm
I don't know if it's just me but it's hard to find name brand products at wholesale prices. Even if you found some at the seller's wholesale prices there usually isn't room to markup the product for much profit.

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3 Nov 07 04:22:07 pm
On E-bay I see so many products being sold way below wholesale prices how are they able to do that? Are these peoplw with major cash? If not, I would like to know some of those wholesalers.

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3 Nov 07 05:44:15 pm
On eBay almost evrythng is not authentic.

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4 Nov 07 12:06:36 am
First of all if you plan to sell on ebay please know that ebay is a 'BELOW WHOLESALE MARKET'. Most all of the items selling on ebay are being sold way below wholesale prices.

Second, yes, some of these people have huge buying capital and are buying extremely large quantites of goods thereby getting them at a very small price..The larger a quanitiy you buy the cheaper per item price you will get...

Third, if you want make money on ebay you should start looking at purchasing goods in bulk and from liquidation and surplus dealers. Buy doing this you can get items at literly pennies on the dollars and resell them for a nice profit while still selling them at way below wholesale prices.

Check out sites such as liquidation.com and surplus.net. I'm not saying that you have to start out by buying a truckload, but you should probably start with at least a pallet..I see pallets that sell from many liquidators for 2 to 3 hundred dollars and you can turn around and sell that pallet of good for 800 to 1000.

If you can't afford a pallet, then don't be afraid to ask the surplus dealers and liquidators if you can get a smaller lot to start with. Let them know that you are looking to form a long time relationship and you'd be surprised at how many dealers are willing to work with you...

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4 Nov 07 06:02:24 am
Gulfy is correct. The more you buy the more you save. The last truckload I bought was for around 17,000 . with all the items on that load I probably paid $16.00 for each item. Almost every item retails for $70.00 up to $500.00 each unit.

If you buy in small bulk you can still profit, if you buy in massive bulk you save 10 times more.

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7 Nov 07 10:55:44 pm
Hey, im wondering. Most of the pallets ive seen say that some or maybe all are returned items that could be damaged. What is ur experience in buying pallets that r return items?

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