Why choose SaleHoo instead of Alibaba?

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18 Jul 07 04:39:45 am
Hmm...been trying to introduce SaleHoo to others but somehow they came up with that question?

How should I answer? What's the advantages in SaleHoo that Alibaba are not having?

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18 Jul 07 07:17:53 am
reliability, trustworthy, respected

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18 Jul 07 07:43:24 am
well even after i join salehoo i don't use it much now. becos i don't think it help me that much. not as what i expect. anyway but i still think salehoo is better than alibaba.com
alibaba.com = scammer city
if u go to alibaba forum. alots of the members complain about being scam by those golden and trustpass supplier company they got from that alibaba.com site.. the member staff from alibaba.com doesn't take any responsibility at all..

salehoo members here is just like a family. they chat and help each other out if u need it . well thats what they told me when i was about to join salehoo.. but i still have a few post haven't been answered. well quite disappointed. maybe i will think of getting a refund of my membership fees and don't use either salehoo or alibaba.com.

sorry salehoo.. but i had join almost two weeks and never use any of da suppliers on ur list. the product i want is can't be found here.

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18 Jul 07 08:38:16 am
Alibaba is probably the worst supplier database of them all. They do nothing to help thier members and could care less on how many countless thousands of souls have been scammed.

Most of the problem is that most come here not fully educated in buisness and Dont know the difference between Retail, Wholesale, and Liquidation.

Link hidden: Login to view is comprised of not just an owner but its a legitimate company with offices and employees that are dedicated to helping others find sources to further thier income. And to educate members on the upsides and downsides of selling online or running a retail buisness. Most of the senior members of salehoo have run many companies of thier own and have learned from the same mistakes many of you are making today.

So the main difference is that we are not just in this for your membership dues and we do not charge suppliers listed in our directories to be listed.

If a supplier is stealing from our members they will be removed from our lists if there is proof that they are scamming our members. Alibaba will not do this for you or anyone.

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