Why do wholesalers price some items above MRP?

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24 Jul 19 03:31:30 pm

I have a question based on wholesale pricing as I'm seeing very popular items selling just above the MRP.

I wonder why wholesalers price it like this?

For example, lets say video game consoles like PS4, Nintendo Switches, Xbox Ones are priced $299 MRP. The wholesaler would list these consoles at $302.

and based on my observation, people are purchasing these by the lot. I understand the Video Games industry have razor thin margins but it seems as if they are pricing it to completely wipe out the margins.

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15 Aug 19 08:08:10 am
Hi @thebostoniandeal, the prices listed on the suppliers' websites are mostly in retail. You would have to email them directly or register with their wholesale or drop ship program (that is why it requires you to log in) before you can see their wholesale price.

Wholesale pricing usually works on volume buying. A wholesaler supplier won't be able to give you an accurate price until they actually know what sort of volume you want to purchase. Most wholesalers will have a set structure in place, pricing per unit type of thing, but not all do.


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