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Why shipping cost me so much money?

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15 Apr 08 09:28:29 pm
i dont know too much about how shipping works but i see on ebay that most people have a lower shipping cost then i do which i cant comprehand i call ups and they give me an estimate that generaly runs alot more then what everyone has their for.

my question is, is there a way to get a special price from shipping companies because your a reseller? i use UPS. advice would be strongly appreciated

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15 Apr 08 09:43:32 pm
What you can do is whey your package and when you list the item on ebay, enter the actual weight of the package and dimensions. Add a handling of $2.00 for the supplies you used. I hope this helps

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15 Apr 08 11:39:19 pm
I always use usps for all of my shipping needs. They are twice as cheap as ups. Plus you can get free boxes and labels shipped right to your door. they will also pick up your packages for free so you don't have to go to town to ship them...

If you are selling heavy items you might want to consider usps flat rate priorty boxes and rates..You can ship anything that will fit into the box up to about 70 pounds for around 8 dollars...For smaller items try using the rated priorty shipping rates as they are much cheaper than ups...This is a good way to get some of your ebay listing fees paid for..By this I mean that alot of sellers list about $1.50-2.00 dollars for shipping and handling fees..This shipping and handling fee normally covers the cost of the packageing/boxes that the seller has to use to ship the item..If you are using usps priorty mail, then you get the boxes for free. So you can then use that $1.50-$2.00 shipping and handling fee to help pay your listing fees....Just a tip....

If you are going to continue to use ups, then I completely agree with GRboutique, enter the acutal weight and size of the package and use the shipping calculator....Having lower and/or competive shipping rates will increase your sales...Buyers pay close attention to what they are being charged for shipping, and if they see you are higher than your competitor they will buy from them....

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16 Apr 08 10:54:22 pm
alright i'll reaserch more about usps. is there any other way to purchase boxes and peanuts for very cheap? The prices at ups store are rediculous i know it would cost ahell of alot less doing the packing by myself.

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16 Apr 08 11:01:18 pm
The reason is that some people are getting FEDEX and UPS Business Rates as well.
I have been using fedex for my business and the rates are pretty decent.
We have a Fedex Ground, Fedex Home, Fedex National, LTL and Fedex Freight Accounts.

Discounts will vary from 20% to as much as 62% off of Normal Rates.

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23 Apr 08 02:36:52 am
Here is a trick. Sign-up at redroller and merge it with your eBay account.
You can use DHL which is cheaper than UPS and USPS for large items.

Much cheaper.


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