WorldWide Brands - your comments needed

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16 Apr 12 09:17:52 am
Has ayone used Worldwide Brands, would anyone like to comment? Why would you suggest anyone joins them?

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16 Apr 12 02:10:04 pm
If you search the forum you'll find that the most consistent positive comment about WWB is that they do honour their guarantee, and refund people when they see what's waiting for them inside the membership. Note that the reviews here are all a couple of years old or older, so it is possible that WWB has changed for the better.


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16 Apr 12 05:31:55 pm
I have been a member of WWB since 2009 and just recently joined SaleHoo. I never regretted my purchase of a WWB membership and feel that they do a really good job in several areas:

1. Helping you understand how to become a legal business
2. Teaching you how droshipping works
3. Teaching you how to work with wholesalers/dropship companies
4. Educating you on how to avoid getting scammed
5. Providing a solid directory of dropship and light bulk suppliers
6. Giving you a good understanding of how to build an ecommerce site

My chief complaint is with their market analysis tools which I feel need a major upgrade. Many new members accept their results as gospel but I find them to be unreliable and not worth using.

I've haven't had a chance to look through the Education and Research Labs on SaleHoo, so can't make a direct comparison between the two offerings. I have been impressed with what I've found here in terms of suppliers and believe it's easier to navigate and search on SaleHoo.

I feel like the combination of WWB and SaleHoo gives me a lot of flexibility for developing my niche retail stores. I tried Doba for a while but thought the monthly charge was way out of line for what they offered.

My gut says that if you are already a SaleHoo member, you probably don't need a WWB membership. I used WWB as my sole dropshipping source and launched multiple e-commerce sites succesfully, so they can be the foundation for an online business. There is quite a bit of overlap in suppliers between the two companies, but enough diversity that I am willing to pay for a yearly SaleHoo membership (WWB was a one-time $300 charge) to increase my options.

Despite a significant amount of bashing of WWB here, my experience was a good one. I do know that many people complained that there were not enough electronics dropshippers on WWB but I think this was a conscious decision. Profit margins on electronics are very thin and many of the suppliers I've seen here on SaleHoo look more like discounters than wholesale/dropshippers. I am always suspicous of companies that don't ask for a resale tax ID when setting up an account. Legitimate wholesalers require this.

For my online retail stores, I'd rather work with true wholesale companies that dropship and are selective about who they have selling their products.

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17 Apr 12 02:03:57 am
Hi roger-s,

Welcome to SaleHoo! In comparison to SaleHoo, Worldwide Brands and are both product sourcing directories providing high quality, authentic suppliers.

Here are some of the differences between our directory and Worldwide Brands:

- We have a private members forum with more than 80,000 members where you can receive help, chat and get advice from others in the business. Our community manager Marc Ransom runs two businesses and is an expert in online marketing. He's on the forum everyday answering questions and giving advice. The forum is also a great place to get a heads-up on the latest scams!

- We have a 3-tier rating system for all suppliers. Each supplier is reviewed and tested via independent eBay Powersellers. Members are also able to add reviews. Our review system provides you with information from multiple sources, allowing you to get a very accurate picture of what to expect from each supplier.

- We only charge US$67.00 for 1 year’s subscription, compared to the whopping US$299.95 currently charged by World Wide Brands.

Cheers :)


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22 Apr 12 04:59:54 am
Thanks for all the advice, it was very useful.


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