Worthy for discussion and opinion - buy this, then this!

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3 Jun 06 10:54:28 pm
I just wanted to make this statement. I'm sure many people have noticed this.

Ok, if there's one thing i have noticed about the net when seraching for ideas to make money and so on is that when you buy into one thing you have to buy into another, and another, and another... It almost seems like it never ends. Since this is a wholesale forum lets look at wholesale. People get you to buy wholesale lists, which then don't turn out so you buy another and another and then they say well you need to buy this , and this ebook, and this membership. Then you get emails constantly about buying this and that, all info type stuff, no real product deals or programs that will really help your business. This is very frustrating.

I mean can someone not just make one site where you pay a 'one time' membership and get everything you need and it's constantly being updated and there's market reports and trends and news.

What's your opinion? Do you find you waste a lot of money on lists and e-things.

Just curious, you see a lot of this on the net.

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3 Jun 06 11:12:00 pm
ahh if it was just that simple i would pay big bucks but its never gonna happen.

i have bought lists for over 4 years now and to be honest i only kept 2 of them...they were the only 2 that seemed worth the money.

I like the list cause it does help save a little time. but i agree with your post it does get under my skin

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3 Jun 06 11:47:59 pm
It would be a nightmare with all the copyrighting etc...

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4 Jun 06 02:38:23 am
Maybe that's exactly what we need to turn SaleHoo into. Put as much together here for our benefit as possible, including ebooks that we have rights to, free programs that we find useful, and links to get programs we have to pay for, but have been useful for other's businesses.

We should only list things that we have used personally and can honestly recommend... same with sites. If you've used them and you're willing to share the info, submit the site with a review.

What does everyone think of that idea? Salehoo... do you mind us building up the resources on the site?

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4 Jun 06 03:16:52 am
I agree, however people who submit their 'trustworthy' sites should have some credibility, perhaps a min number of posts, or some evidence of some kind, ect. Also there would have to be one of two things that happen in order to make this the one stop shop so to speak that Hi is describing. One, a consistant signing up of new people, or a monthy fee type deal. If we want to realize this dream, wed really have to sit down and plan this out, and how to actually even make something off of this if possible. Id be more than happy to help out. If this goes through, most likely well need to set a date and time for a chat conference via yahoo or msn, ect.



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