Yet another silly question about what to sell

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25 Aug 10 03:50:12 am
I'm sure you've all read thousands of these. I'll keep it brief.

I'm told to sell what I'm passionate about. I'm also told to not bother with electronics, due to the kill-your-own-mother competition. Now, what if my passion is electronics?

I guess I don't have a question, instead I'm just looking for tips. "electronics" is a really broad category, surely there must be a lot of Salehoo people that have carved out niches that fall under the electronics wing. I dunno, I spent an hour trying to convince myself that selling cat climbing towers would be a great starting point because the research all points to profit, but it's simply not my thing. If I travel the path of the cursed, am I just setting myself up for failure?

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25 Aug 10 05:13:57 am
Hi and welcome to the site, michaeltechfs

Yes, it is true that electronics is a very saturated category and should be avoided especially if you are a beginner but eventually as your feedback gets more stable and the numbers are getting stronger you can easily sell electronics.
Buyers are a bit cautious in choosing the seller they will buy from especially if the product is an electronic product.

What you're selling may not be your dream product it may just be a stepping stone to where you want to get.

I suggest visiting eBay Pulse to check what are their hottest products. Also search through the forum for related posts, there are quite a few :)

All the best!


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20 Oct 10 12:22:24 am
Hi michaeltechfs,

SaleHoo has great resource materials that will guide you in coming up with ideas on what to sell. If you haven't read them yet, click on the following:

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Hope this helps. :)



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