You just can't make real money. Prove me wrong please!

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4 Mar 07 08:31:30 pm
Dear all,

I am from the UK so forgive my English examples...Also this is a long post so get a cup of tea for this one!

I just do not belive it is possible to earn a decent income (

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5 Mar 07 02:44:59 am is VERY possible to make a large profit selling goods online.

What it takes is careful research, and then direct, and productive, traffic.

I already have people making instant purchases from me and I have invested basically hardly ZILCH startup capital.

People from all over the world, are actively seeking out items.

The only way to do it, is research the suppliers and beat them to the punch every time. That way you are the one who knows ahead of time what item is going to be hot or not.

And now, AFTER you know the facts about that a liquidation sale or buy in bulk of a company (any) who is simply getting rid of them.

100% profits every time!

And here is something else I discovered.....the long way.

If you keep stock around, even if it is not in your possession, you can sell all of it out in weeks or months over time by simply keeping the stock fully avaialble on your front website.

Yes you can have a storefront, but the key is to put all the stock in it.

Then, no matter what isn't selling you can drive a continuous freight-train of traffic to the website (websites?) and still, sell out of all the products eventually to whomever. And they can be actively sold and thrown out all over the world, it doesn't matter then. All you need is a hard work ethic, and an automatic truckload of traffic hitting your website 24/7. The business can then finally run itself. That is the only time it becomes nearly 100% automatic. :)

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5 Mar 07 04:09:36 am
Yes it is very possible. But you have to think as an online entrpenuer. You cant just sell one thing and expect that to be a permanant money maker. You have to follow trends as they change. If an item stops making money then move to another.

Times change and if you cant have something to fall back on then the only thing you will be falling back on is a full time physical job.

You have to always be on the lookout for that niche market to keep you going. I started selling just dvd's . Yeah its decent money. But I have to sell alot to keep the money comming in. I also have to work it very smart to keep from loosing money. Decide which titles are more for a lot because normally trying to sell it would be a waste of listing fees. I got to the point where I can pick through a lot and tell you by title what It will sell for and how fast.

I also find items here and there that are a guaranteed sell nomatter what. Every item sells and makes me a few bucks. Hey I might not get rich from it but that item is making me money every single listing. Then I move to other lines and risk a few bucks to see how well it works. If I loose out Oh well. Right now I think we have 11 different categories were selling in. Me and my wife are currently working nonstop. But i completely replaced the income my physical job was paying me. And now I only work part time for them. I was working 65 hours a week, Now I work about 20 just to keep my insurance. And as of this comming friday im taking a whole month off and Im not too worried about income.

Plus were home all the time. When Im waiting for listings to close I work for salehoo helping others and making a few bucks in the process. When Im not setting up auctions Im researching more Ideas.

Nobody said its an easy thing. I have literally been stuck to my computerdesk chair. I have permanant impressions on my desk from where my arms lay next to the keyboard and have rubbed off the varnish on the desk lol.

But I can gladly say I can turn around anytime My daughters ask me and not have to stress about, Oh I have to goto work. I pretty much set my own hours and work my physical job when thier asleep.

My wife is a hard shopper. Sometimes we blow all of our profits on ebay on complete crap. But I aways make sure to refresh my inventories as much as possible. That way I dont worry because I know I can start up and generate an income off of several different selling markets were into.

Were not super sellers and were not rich. We sell a total of maybe 500 items a month. But with the constant time spent researching new areas were growing our business and growing our average monthly income almost $400 to $600 per month over the previous month. If one of our markets stop making profits we will just fall back on another and keep searching for more to make money on.

Dont give up, Dont let one thing get in your way. Just move on and keep looking forward :D :D :D

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5 Mar 07 10:12:54 pm
Bayericlowe + Jimmy

Yes please don't get me wrong. I know its possible - I did it for a while and I understand you have to build up slowly. It's the only way becuase even if you have lots of capital its easy to get ripped off, pay to high for items that don't sell etc.

I also understand you have to keep adding to your options. For example I repair PC's build websites and sell parts to locals while my auctions run etc - But what I mean is going straght to the top to get goods as cheap as possible so its really worthwhile.

I recently contacted an new distributor for a PC monitor I have noticed is selling very well but not by many. Again I need a large investment to import them.

To me - the time it takes looking for contstant suppliers is impossible.

I do read about ebay powersellers effectivley drop shipping from large fitness companies for example - Maybe I have not been looking hard enough.

All I can say is I now it can be done. BUT it takes a lot of work and I am not there yet even after years of part time work.

Many thanks for the positive responses. I must admit I was hopeing for people to challenge what I am saying - and hopefully give me some good ideas.

Many Thanks,

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5 Mar 07 10:46:43 pm
In my line, which is not half as big as PCs. I had my manufacturer turn me on to one of their distributors that is now dropshipping for me. I am only about a week into it but I am making about a 25-40% mark-up. I am only charged a small dropship fee per order.

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7 Mar 07 12:01:17 am
Let the suppliers come to you not the other way around....

Look at how many offerings by the hour go on at this place.

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Well all I can say is it is hard initial work but stays rather easy....I think my website was built in february and now I am just about to reach 2000 hits already. And you must constantly expand your products estimates....then start selling the more expensive products after you have.

Find products that are going to start selling, and you know they are and have done the research and then supply them right away until they are all gone. And always hunt for the lowest price, be actively smart...don't just pick up the first that comes to you. There are millions of suppliers, even your local flea market is one.


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