Zoey's back and a story about my research

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12 Sep 11 11:59:13 pm
I haven't been here in so long, and I am well over the fact most of you have probably forgotten about me.

I have been through so much, and it has been a nightmare. I miss seeing all of the posts here on the forums, even though I was very speculative in reading instead of posting.

My ebay selller ID was in-fact Zoeys-gift-shop, and I was doing very well. Until a seller sent one of the items back in which I was selling in pieces. The item was worth over $200 and costs my small inventory.. so I fell into debt and my account was deleted. Bills were very hard, and I was reported to chex systems and until this day I cannot open a checking account.

I sold well over $3,000 and $2,000 went to one of the Orca funds I was fundraising for and I was eligible for top rated seller and I was invited.. but now I have to start all over.

I miss you all, and I am sorry for the rant.. I can't wait to start back up and I am glad I got this financial situation off my chest. It has lasted so long..

God bless and take care!

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13 Sep 11 12:15:31 am
Welcome back Zoey! And sorry to hear about what you've gotten into but glad to learn you CAN deal with it, and in due time we're sure you CAN make it. Thank you for choosing to share with us and let us know if there is anything we can do to help. :)


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13 Sep 11 12:20:56 am
Hi Zoey,

It's nice to see you again on the forum! A warm welcome to you :)

We appreciate your trust and we hope to help you get back on your feet! So should you need help with anything please feel free to to let us know!

Cheers :)


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14 Sep 11 04:26:59 am
Hi Zoey,

Welcome back! Here's to you getting back up to Top Rated Seller status!


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