Any or no takers for an Aussie importing partnership?

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14 Mar 08 03:11:57 am
hi guy's
i posted a couple of messages to see if anyone was interested in going in partnership in importing a container load of goods fromm usa. I have recieved a couple of messages asking what am i going to bring in. I said it depends on what would be compatable with aus and nz as to the goods that would be delivered. What i am trying to do is have a set up the same way as they do in usa sell by the pallet that way it would not cost that much to ship around oz or nz as the stock would be here in aus. I would like to get a wide range of goods so it can sevice a wide audience. So i ask everyone are there people still interested, i reckon this venture would be very gainable for those involved. Please pm me if serious. Just think of the potiential.

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16 Mar 08 04:46:08 am
Hi Darryl

I've been giving more thought to your idea and thought I would make another suggestion. Have you thought of approaching wholesalers/retailers in Australia and agreeing on a price per pallet or price per item for designer items and setting up a warehouse and selling from there? It may be more cost effective than importing from the US. These are just my thoughts and if I had more finance this is what I personally would love to look at doing.


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24 Jan 09 01:26:48 pm
hello aussiebears I suggest u try talking to local suppliers just be honest about what u want to do and what level ur at i did that with suppliers here in N.Z and was offered cost plus 5% by most of them

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2 May 09 12:44:23 am
Hi Guys.

I only joined late last night and have been reading all morning so far. Lots of good advice here.

aussiebares I guess you got no takers re importing a container load.

I think what is being done elsewhere regarding pallets lots and sample packs is a great idea and if someone with the wherewithall were to do that in Aus I am sure it would be a goer mate.



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2 May 09 01:11:16 am
Andy, I just heard from an Aussie member yesterday regarding joint importing. PM if you like and I'll be happy to pass your id on to them if you are interested.

I believe their main focus is on fashion, but you may well have a joint interest, however a full container at this stage would not be of interest to them I wouldn't think, something along the lines of a pallet would be closer to the ball park.

Mark (fudjj)

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