Australia taxes and licenses?

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5 Mar 07 10:20:20 am
what do i need to know about starting in australia regarding licenses and getting on to ebay and finding wholesalers versus dropshippers and any other advice i might need PLEASE!!!

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6 Mar 07 06:21:56 am

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6 Mar 07 08:41:24 pm
I can't help but I have found a post that may.

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11 Mar 07 12:12:06 am
I may be able to help a little.
Im in AU and sell on Ebay so I will share the limited knowledge I have.
You need to establish wether the ATO is going to classs your 'business' as a hobby or a business - This will depend on amounts earnt.
Also I suggest you get an ABN. You dont need one if earning under 50000 buty i suggest you do anyway so you can claim you GST.
On that note - If you buy somethuing from overseas to resell you need to take into account GST. When you do your BAS you need to add 10% ontop of what you paid and claim the GST. Otherwise you will pay GST omn income and not expenditure which will not balance for you.
To get an ABN you either trade as your own name or register one with DOFT for $120 there abouts think it nay be $133 now. Then you can get an ABN application from most newsagents and PO/s free. As far as licencng goes that is all you need to do unless you sell a product that needs special permission for like Security cameras ect. Wording on products can get you around some of this.
From there its just a matter of finding products to sell. Droppshipping is good if you can find some one who will deliver in AU at a reasonable rate. Major thing I learnt droppshipping is in Australia you are at a disadvantage compared to US for example. Wholesale is better if you have the funds. Cheaper ect....
From there your pretty right to go.
Tid bits of advise:
- Be aware of additional charges like GST ect as you may lose your little profit if you dont. Make sure your aware of fees with paypal 30c + 2.4% of what customer pays. Then Ebay fees.
Other than that if I have missed something you want to know about my msn is Link hidden: Login to view if you wish to private me.


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