Wholesale & eBay Forum Importing & Customs Can anyone share their personal experience with NZ Customs?


Can anyone share their personal experience with NZ Customs?

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12 Apr 10 05:29:52 am
So I've been selling imported goods in NZ, doing the whole 'bring the goods in small lots' thing, and now I've registered for GST and got an accountant. I've spoken to a couple of customs brokers and I get the impression that it would be a good idea to do my own import clearance to avoid paying the broker $100 for each lot I bring in. I've also checked out the NZ Customs website to see what is involved in doing my own clearances.

At this point I'd like to hear some experiences from anybody who has done their own customs clearances into NZ... is it time consuming or complicated, is it worth doing yourself to save money, etc... any relevant experiences would be appreciated... :-)

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12 Apr 10 09:12:22 am
This is just a suggestion, but I'm sure you would get some really helpful advice if you posted this query on the Trademe community message boards, The traders there are awesome at answering questions and helping other traders. Try the "trademe discussion" forum. Cheers

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30 Dec 10 06:04:24 am
Hi there, I am am new to sale hoo but have been dropshipping for around 12months now and the costs involved of importing some goods to new zealand even with the increase in GST is criminal.

I have researched and learnt the lesson the hard way! I make it a personal rule that all goods that i import are under the $60 threshold set by NZ customs which is 15% of total cost (Product + Shipping) with no stamp duty. This way my customers products are not delayed by being held by customs and i dont have to pay the Gst + Imports Fee of $38 and tax when buying.

If you are bulk importing to sell for profit just keep in mind the total costs involved including customs fees as you work it all into your sell magins.

Often if i have a fast moving product i do an order once every 3 days and get all orders sent to me then distribute to my cutomers rather than direct from suppliers which give me ridiculas amounts of profit compared to making multiple single unit orders.

My advice is: Keep it simple and less complicated.

Hope this helps :O)

Cozziemomo NZ

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30 Dec 10 10:21:52 pm
Nice tip Cody! By the way welcome to SaleHoo :)

@$dan$: Although I don't have a personal experience to share, here are several posts that discuss NZ Custom which you may find helpful -

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Happy New Year! :)


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30 Dec 10 10:51:26 pm
Hi There,

I am only too happy to help :o) I know what it feels like to start out and alot of the information about rules and regulations surrounding importing seems over whelming. I can say with all honesty that you have found a place where help is just a message away. For me, to have found salehoo means it take the stress out of dealing with suppliers that let you down or even scammers that will damage your business reputation at home before you even get started.

If you ever have any doubts surrounding costs of importing through customs this is a really good page to view as it shows stamp duty categorys as well as a cost break down of custom fees and structures.

Link hidden: Login to view

If you feel like you still feel lost, PM me or give customs a call (Free Phone) 0800 4 customs

They are really helpfull :o).

I think salehoo also going to be a great place for importers and like minded business people to bounce ideas and get help to stop scammers and cowboy suppliers out there.

Best Wishes for the new Year

Kindest Regards

Cody Mitchell
Cozziemomo NZ


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