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10 Aug 15 11:31:25 pm
One supplier asked for this certificate, how can I provide this number if I live out of United States. And how can I understand this if I live out of the US and do not have to pay taxes because I'm not a US person:

"The undersigned hereby certifies that all tangible personal property hereafter purchased is for purposes
of resale, and assumes liability for payment of Retailer’s Occupational Tax, Service Occupation Tax, or Use
tax with respect to receipts from the resale of this property to users or consumers."

Is not as simple of buy to them and then resale its products?

Please your support

Luis Felipe Mujica
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11 Aug 15 04:49:07 am
Hi Luis,

You can provide the equivalent from your country if you have one. Also you can let the suppliers know that you are not located in the US so that way they will not ask you for your sales tax ID. Provide them with your online store URL so they know that you are purchasing from them in wholesale for the purpose of reselling them, not for personal means.

Hope this clarifies. :)

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17 Aug 15 07:04:21 pm
Occupational, service, and use taxes are handled on the state level in the US -- not every state has all (or any) of them. So that clause you read at the supplier's website is really just them covering themselves by making sure that their buyers assume responsibility for any such taxes as applicable -- which in your case, in most instances, would be zero, being outside of the US.


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