Credit card funds 'frozen'

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8 Sep 06 10:22:14 am
Hi. Im new to importing... A week ago I ordered some cell phones from I gave my credit card details (there was no option to pay by PayPal) and sent through my order.
My credit card was verified and partially processed. By this I mean that the funds werent taken but are 'frozen' for an unspecified amount of time. Despite me requesting that they finish processing the transaction, they have said that they cant do it and that I need to pay by PayPal. I cant do this until they release my funds... besides I am a bit reluctant and scared that I might have more problems. I have spoken to my bank and they can see that the funds are on hold but cannot do anything about it.
Please can anyone help?

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8 Sep 06 10:50:15 pm
I would call the credit card company and see why the funds were frozen and what options you have

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11 Jan 07 08:40:28 pm
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