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Customs in AUS are cracking down on imports

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16 Jul 08 11:20:56 am
What do I do now?

I finally find a great Chinese supplier of authentic Billabong and Roxy clothing and my business is booming. However, Customs at Sydney are now cracking down on imported clothing. (You might have seen this on Borderline Security last week). I received a letter from Trademark in Brisbane today saying that I need to reply to them within 7 days to give them permission to 'destroy' my 4 parcels they have waiting at Customs. If I don't reply then I could be sued! Also, they want me to declare any other Billabong and Roxy clothing I might have in stock so it can be destroyed as well (I have about $3000 worth left).

If you are starting out, I suggest you avoid importing Billabong and Roxy clothing as you will probably not receive it. Has anybody else being issued with a letter from Trademark? What should I do? Can I not declare the stocks I have left and keep selling it on eBay?

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17 Jul 08 01:50:53 am
hi spider
contact your supplier and tell him what has happened? he might be able to do something from his end, i had a friend who had a similiar situation and he contacted his supplier and it got cleared at customs and he received his package. It was not a big package about 8kg but he received it. I don't know how you would go with trademark issues, but it's worth a try. Hope this helps.

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21 Jul 08 07:49:09 am
Hi spider Write jimmy from salehoo a private letter Im sure he will be able to help you...I have never had problem with customs and i buy a lot of designer clothing but i do stay away from billabong and roxy as i have heard many reports in the past about customs seizing them...and do take darryls advice on contacting your supplier immediately...and let them know of your situation...if they claim they are authentic ...then they should be able to send the paperwork to customs..good luck

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25 Jul 08 06:08:55 am
Billabong as far as I remember are produced in Australia, and by license overseas,You would need to check whether supplier has license to produce and export to Australia....good luck

customs do have a list of what is being intercepted at the border, check with them too

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25 Jul 08 09:49:37 am
You really want to confirm they are made under licence mate, and your supplier is authorised to wholesale them.

My guess is, coming from China, you have a shipment and stock pile of fakes. If that is the case then you better consider doing exactly what they say and hope they don't decide to really come after you.

Customs must think they have a pretty solid case to be taking these steps.

It's not so much Customs that are cracking down on those brads, it's the companies demanding more be done to protect their brand!

Mark (fudjj)

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