DHgate - do payments go thru their site or direct to seller?

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3 Aug 07 09:39:39 pm
Hi Members,

I need some advice. When I buy something off DHgate from a new seller which has 0 transaction, what sort of protection will I get?

I will be paying via PayPal. Does the payment go to DHgate first then to the seller or does it go to the seller directly?

Thanks in advance :wink:

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4 Aug 07 05:56:48 am
From what I understand dhgate gets the money, After proof of shipment dhgate releases the funds to the seller.

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4 Aug 07 09:29:11 am
Thanks for your reply but does that only refer to Escrow service and not paypal.

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5 Aug 07 12:35:03 am
I would choose the escrow option myself, especially with a new supplier to the network.

PS: Just make sure you're not buying a brand name product, or the chances are that you will be buying fake through Dhgate!

Mark (fudjj)

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29 Aug 07 09:44:50 am
Even if it is not a knock off or does not appear so, and even if you have certificates of authenticity.

I recommend staying away from brand name products completely for right now. They will report you to VERO unless you have receipts from the original brand name store.

That is how widespread the crackdown is.

And if you get one which includes authenticity certificates, sell it somewhere else such as uBid etc and keep an eye on it.

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29 Aug 07 02:33:06 pm
but escrow service can only guarantee the delivery not the good condition


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