Dropshipping- Hire Customs Broker and Apply for Permit

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15 Oct 20 04:58:35 pm
Dear Guys,

I would like to ask if someone has experience in dropshipping and already deal with customs releasing in the destination country.

I just get frustrated with the notion that :
-should I hire a customs broker for a 39 USD worth of product to be able to release it?
-I dont know if when we say "Air Mail" or any ""Express"" provider such as DHL UPS EMS(sorry for the term, not yet familiar with this) means automatically has an in-house customs broker
-do I really have to apply for permit to Food Drug Administration (FDA) or any agency regulating body just to delivery the 39USD soap bar, as this permit may be part of customs releasing?

I learned that there is de minimis value in which zero-free duties and taxes and as per memo, this is entitled for ïmmediate release"'. I just can tconclude safely if this means, I dont need to hire customs broker and secure permit to regulating agency.

Thanks for your help.


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23 Jan 23 05:06:50 pm
I haven't tried selling soaps but based on what I know, true soaps (made from natural fat, no chemicals, no detergents, and no medicinal claims) can be safely delivered to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. This kind of soap is safe to deliver with your postal service which means they're ok for drop shipping without a need of a customs broker.

If the kind of soap that you're selling does not meet the parameters I've mentioned, for a $39 worth of products, I recommend contacting your postal service directly rather than a customs broker. Customs broker are (mostly) only needed when you purchase goods in large quantities or container-load of goods for import/export. Your postal service provider should be able to advise you in regards to your FDA concern, or permits needed if ever.


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