eBay auctions getting low buyers

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6 Mar 08 05:20:59 am

Has anybody else found eBay is very slow lately? I took up their offer of half price listings and placed about 30 items on over the 4 day period of half price. Now I am down to my second last auction and have not made one sale. What is going on? I keep getting ticked off with putting auctions up and only getting watchers and no buyers. I have 133 feedbacks on the stock. I sell with 100% positive feedback and the price is not too much. In fact, it is rather cheap for what i sell, people love my items and i have several repeat customers. So my question is why has the arse fallen out of eBay auctions any idea's because i don't have any.


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6 Mar 08 11:06:03 am
Darryl since the new rules have been put into place there have been many to jump ship and cancel their eBay account. With this being said I still don't think this had a major impact on eBay so i'm not sure why things are so slow. My sales have dropped and it's the same story with other sellers. Retail sales are down as well so maybe eBay is just a result of the current trend?? Any ideas anyone? Is everyone seeing a decline in business? If anyone would like to read a different approach to the recent eBay changes I would suggest taking a look at this free pdf file at :
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6 Mar 08 07:56:52 pm
I have to think it's the economy playing a big part in sales being down. I have had my website up & running for almost a month & not one sale. Tons & tons of hits & questions but nothing. My pricing is right in line with similar products so I don't know what the problem is. I am using CL, MySpace & eBay to drive traffic but Nada, zip, nothing. My products are in demand items too. However, usually in the 2nd quarter of the year things tend to pick up. People have finally gotten out f their Christmas credit card shock & the weather is turing better in a lot of the world so I'm keeping my finngers crossed & not ready to through in the towel just yet.

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6 Mar 08 08:03:37 pm
Its also the season. Right now it is the slower season on ebay. Sales are always slow this time of the year. People are still paying off credit card debt from the holidays and just dont have that much money to spend. With the fact also that so many sellers are selling the same thing. Demand for that particular item may be down as well.

Things generally pick up around april every year when most have thier credit cards payed down a little and it gets warmer outside putting people in better moods. I generally take a vacation in march and dont sell much of anything on ebay as for the last several years march has been our slowest month.

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