eBay's instant sale partner - anyone knows who?

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12 Nov 10 06:20:42 pm
Just wondering if anyone has shipped any excess crap to Link hidden: Login to view, and if so, who the actual buyer is. I gather they are using a third party based on some of the verbiage in the sale agreement (and basic common sense, since it would be unlikely for eBay to actually start doing something that required inventory) but I can't find any reliable information on who it is.

Anyone used it who can clue me in?


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12 Nov 10 07:34:54 pm
Sorry Frank, I'm clueless on this one, but also curious now you have raised the point.

: )

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19 Nov 10 12:02:34 am
Hi Frank,

Looks like there's none. It could be eBay's way of capturing the growing electronics recycling and resale market, and a move to block Link hidden: Login to view and Link hidden: Login to view possible success before they can outsell eBay.



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19 Nov 10 12:07:54 am
I couldn't find anything either, Frank :( All I could find where blog posts and comments about eBay's Instant Sale program...

I think your hunch could be right about this one.

All the best!


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