Effects to importing fr China due to lead issues in the news

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28 Sep 07 05:51:05 pm
I'm sure we all heard about lead products in the news especially 'toy'. How can we protect ourself especially if we import from the wholesaler in China or any countries. Right now everything is about toys what happen if they decide to test other stuff like electronics,jewelry,or anything.
How do we protect the seller if everything we sell is from China and is tested with 'lead'; we would all be out of business. I myself am a little concern because I don't want to find myself out of business in a couple of years. Maybe its just politicians bashing each other; who knows. But we always end up on the short end of it.

Who's to say the test they do; they find .00001% of lead in these products and call it bad,lol.

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6 Oct 07 09:03:33 am
That can always be a concern, but the market will change with the laws. If they ban these toys then the manufacturers will just change the way they make the product so they can continue selling them .

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