European baby forumla imported into the US

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23 Mar 17 11:52:02 am
Hello all,

I am new here and have not managed to get my answer yet - how can I import Baby Formula from Europe and Switzerland into the US?
Would the FDA need to sign off on this?

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23 Mar 17 01:52:59 pm
Hi Sibyle, warm welcome.
I think the easiest way is finding a local trading agency to help you do this.

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23 Mar 17 01:54:52 pm
Thanks - what is a trading agency? A freight forwarder / custom clearing agent?

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25 Mar 17 03:13:02 am
Hi Sibylle,
A big shipping company like UPS, Fed Ex or DHL will act as a broker for you, which is what you really need. They will file all appropriate paperwork for you. A word of advice is to check with the FDA (Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act Section 412 deals with Infant Formula or look up your local office online and talk to a live person). The government is very specific about what types of baby formula can come into the United States, especially if it is going to be offered for sale. Make sure that the manufacturer is approved or your shipment might get refused entry! I hope this helps and good luck!


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25 Mar 17 05:15:16 am
Hi Sibylle and welcome to the forum,

Some good advice from everyone above, but especially from Robb. You really do need to be speaking with the right people to be getting the best possible advice on this one. I don't know what sort of volume you're thinking about importing, but have you got a US distribution avenue in mind or will you be distributing yourself?

What size shipment do you have in mind exactly, are we speaking a 40 foot container load here of a few cartons air freighted into the US?

Your question kind of leaves me with far more questions than actual answers unfortunately. Things like, is this a new formula not yet on the market, something you're having made?


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