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Freight forwarder for container loads to Europe

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13 Jun 08 12:20:53 pm
Hi there !

I just signed up for SaleHoo and I really like it so far.
The biggest problem I have come across in my business is not finding the right products for the right price.

My absolute biggest problem has been finding a decent freight forwarder.
Many of the biggest distributors in the States demand a freight forwarder when you fill out their dealer applications.

I have looked everywhere and there are literally hundreds of freight forwarders.
I am about to make a very big purchase, maybe 20-40 pallets of goods and have it shipped to Sweden in Europe.

I would appriciate any suggestions on how to get this load to Sweden in the cheapest possible way.
I have heard that you can buy space inside containers that are not full but I have no clue on how to do this.
Please help !

Best Regards.

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16 Jun 08 05:10:59 am
Hi Sorviks,

A freight forwarder wil be able to buy you space inside containers that are not full. The best way to find a freight forwarder is either to contact your local Chamber of Commerce (Link hidden: Login to view) or Trade Council.

The Swedish Trade Council may be a good place to get help: Link hidden: Login to view

Or you can search in Google for freight forwarders:
I did a quick search and found these sites that may be useful:
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view


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17 Jun 08 08:56:18 pm
Hello Sorviks!
My name is Lassina!
I am actually sending you this mail cause i am intending to make a purchase in USA.
My concern here is to try to get others from Sweden intending to purchase from USA as well in order to analyse together a possibility to cut down the shipping cost of our purchased goods!
Are you willing?
Best regards
Lassina K.

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29 Jul 08 10:59:56 am
you can check out Link hidden: Login to view. They are really good freight forwarders but based in Saudi Arabia. I think they have associates all around the world to help you in your matter. I have done some shipments with them and they are really good.

Check their website and see if they can help


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