How do I obtain a resale number?

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15 May 09 03:30:02 am
how do i obtain a resale number that many wholesellers require. Also do i need this number to purchase goods from all of these sites?

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15 May 09 04:00:50 am
If you're in the USA, you might wanna take a look at this:

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Also, dependant on your state (if in USA) other licenses might be required to register your business. Mostly the EIN is needed to purchase / sell / setup bank accounts for your company. There's different types of corporations.

Also take a look at :

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As for whether or not all need it, no some do not need it. But be warned that if you don't have one, there's the likelyhood that you also don't have the proper licenses to resell and may get in trouble when tax time comes around. It's always better to make sure everything is legit.

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16 May 09 06:28:06 am

You absolutely need a resale license to purchase wholesale in the US. Wholesalers in general are required to get that number from you when making a purchase wholesale, which means your not being charged on those items cause you are buying them for the sole purpose of resale. A resale license is the only way the government can make sure they get the sales and use tax for those items.
You can also check out the small business association's website, I believe its and they give you step by step instructions on everything you need to do to start any kind of business.
hope that helps!

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10 Jul 09 12:30:48 am
Hello kayw08,

Also check out:

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You might find it helpful.



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