How do you resell to a shop? help!

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5 Nov 06 12:18:29 am
Hi there,

I have currently been importing New Era Hats from a secret site that not many people have come accross. I am buying them in orders of 100 at $15(NZD) and selling them at an average of $50 on Link hidden: Login to view (New Zealand version of ebay). But It is quite hard to sell 100 hats on trademe a month because all the main buyers have now bought enough hats, or already have bought the hat I am selling. I am selling 5 each of 20 popular styles. At the moment these hats retail at footlocker at $80-$110 (NZD). Footlocker sometimes buy hats for about $50 off people (just one at a time) if they are brand new and footlocker think they can sell it for $80+. The hats I order in are of very high quality and extremely more popular than the currently plain hats footlocker sell. Since I am finding it hard selling all my hats, I thought it would be a good idea to supply for a shop such as footlocker at about 100 hats a month (there are around 6 stores in my city that stock quite a lot each) at $40 (that way they double there money at least and they have definite selling styles). I often get taxed %12.5 at customs and sometimes customs confiscate a whole order. I figured also that if it is labeled footlocker as the recipient I might be able to get around this (they must get around it with their stock). Or I could ask them how they get around it (maybe it needs a special code or something). Anyway I have never supplied to a shop and they may also want GST codes which I don't have.

I don't want to mess up the whole idea by not saying the right stuff when I contact them (I don't want them to walk all over me). I would highly appreciate it if someone from this site could guide me through it or tell me how to supply for any shop and the process of it.

Thank you


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7 Nov 06 10:17:31 am
The problem is that companies like footlocker buy directly from the manufacturers. They purchase up to 10,000 units of each item at a time then distribute them to thier stores across the chain. You probably wouldnt stand a slight chance of selling product to them. Mainly because they are getting a price that cant be beat. The manufacturers price. Then they jack up the value about 400% and sell the item to the consumer.

My advise is start your own website and sell them there. Offer a good price and sell them off of the internet.

Another bit would be to search for another marketable item. I sell several types of Items but I can specialize in seasonal items too. You know like october you sell halloween related products and january you sell lingerie and romantic crap for the valentines day holiday. ect ect ect


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