How does FOB shipping work?

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25 Mar 10 04:07:45 am
I am wanting to purchase some things from China, and the shipping offered is FOB Shipping. I know the basic principle, that they ship from sea port to the closest sea port to you. But what I don't understand is how I get the products to me from the sea port. Do I arrange shipping with a company, or go and pick the items up myself? Also, if I can arrange shipping with a company, what companies would ship to me??

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25 Mar 10 05:26:03 am
Make sure that the seller is using the term in the correct manner -- not all do. See Link hidden: Login to view for a list of standard international freight designations just to be sure.

The FOB point is the point where the goods become your responsibility -- exact costs and procedures from that point to your storage will depend largely on where the FOB point is, where you are, and how big the load is.


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29 Mar 10 08:00:30 pm
FOB means Free of board . it means all fee before board is paid by supplier . other fee is paid by you . hope this can help you a little to understand FOB

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