How does New Hampshire's tax ID and reseller's form work?

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8 Aug 11 07:07:13 am
I live in New Hampshire and i was wondering what kind of paperwork i would need to buy from a wholesaler. I was looking at and the "Resellers'/Tax ID Required" is checked. As far as i know i don't need to collect taxes or have a reseller form to sell things on eBay. So if i called or emailed them to try to buy something would i need this paperwork or could i just say i live in NH?

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8 Aug 11 03:02:55 pm
Although you don't strictly speaking have to have a tax id# to sell on eBay, some suppliers are going to require it. As you mentioned, being in a sales tax-free state more or less obvious the purpose of resale certificates, so I doubt that New Hampshire has a whole office dedicated to keeping track of businesses from which it isn't going to be collecting revenue.

A tax id# is extremely easy to get -- just hit the IRS website (Link hidden: Login to view) and follow the instructions.


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8 Aug 11 11:44:30 pm
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I know Frank has pretty much addressed your concern (@Frank: Thanks again!) but here are a couple of articles for additional reading -

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

And also, I found this interesting forum topic on eBay about taxes on eBay for 2011, maybe you might want to have a read - Link hidden: Login to view

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