How to detect counterfeits from China

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16 Apr 09 02:18:05 am
im sure this is a common thing with the lack of regulations in china, but i was recently bitten by a chinese supplier who was selling bogus products. word to the wise, if it seems too cheap, it is. make sure that the authentic product is actually made in china. as in my situation, sure earphones are made in mexico, not china. the earphones i ordered seemed a bit cheap, but i went for it anyhow, i just kept it to a small order. upon receipt, i listed them on eBay, and as soon as i did i received an email from a guy who sent me to a tutorial on how to spot fake sure earphones, and as you may have deduced... they were bogus.

keep your eyes out.

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18 Apr 09 03:58:16 am
I had the same thing happen with me and Gillette razors. They were not genuine and they also didn't send the ten boxes that they promised. So its not only the big ticket items. Although I'm sure there are many legit companies in China, I have to admit... once bitten twice shy.

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21 Apr 09 02:46:23 am
Assume everything from china is fake and ask questions until they can justify that it is authentic. Sort of like the inverse of 'innocent until proven guilty.' Fake till proven Real.

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10 Jul 09 01:16:51 am
It's hard to establish the authenticity of brand-name products offered by some Chinese suppliers. That's why we suggest that you contact the supplier directly and inquire about the product you wish to purchase first. Request that they provide you with a proof of authenticity for their products before you close the deal, as most brand name items come with official paperwork for the resale of these items.


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