How to file taxes in California, USA

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11 Feb 07 01:35:06 am
Hi. I am a new eBay seller. I sold between $750-$1200 within a year. I never pay tax to the government before. I don't know where to send my tax money to them. Some of my buyers are from different states within the United States and some are from Canada. I live in California. I want to know how much tax should I send to the IRS. Do you know what form I should fill out and send to the IRS? I just opened my eBay store, and I am scared that the IRS will find out. I really want to know this. Thanks in advance. Please help.

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11 Feb 07 05:51:52 am
Your best bet is to goto a tax specialist to have them help you.
I use H&R BLOCK. That way if you get audited, they will be the ones audited and you dont have to mess with it. Alot of companies get audited. Its ust best to have professionals handle your tax concerns.

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12 Feb 07 04:28:40 am
You may find this useful:
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