How to get an EORI number

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11 Jun 15 09:06:03 am

Has any one obtained an EORI number? I am based in Norway so we do not have this as Norway is not part of EU. But the supplier I have found is based in Spain (EU member).

The thing is, if I want to dropship for them either via eBay or my own web store I can only ship to EU countries in Europe. If I want to ship to US, Canada etc I have to have a EORI number. I have investigated and since the supplier I want is in Spain, I contacted the customs in Spain to obtain an EORI but they want 1000 euros for that. That is too expensive! Anyone who knows if the EORI must be obtained from the country the supplier is based or can it be other countries like Germany, Italy, etc and for a cheaper price than 1000 euros.

Sorry for messy explanation.

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11 Jun 15 10:13:29 am
Sorry Samir, I'm completely clueless on this one. Hopefully one of our members may have some suggestions.

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7 Sep 15 10:58:32 am
Dear Samir,

We are not sure if the EORI must be obtain from the country the supplier is based in you are dropshipping for.
However, we do know it is possible to download a form from the Customs website in Spain, specifically for those people in need of a Spain's EORI number who are not established in the EU,
Link hidden: Login to view ... n_UE.shtml

However, the website mentions you would need to present this form in person in any of Spain Customs Offices, or have a representative do this for you; maybe this is why Spain Customs informed you the cost was 1000 EUR: their fee for the service.

Another useful page in Spain's customs website (please use google translate),
Link hidden: Login to view ... ORI_.shtml

We hope we were at least of some help. We are not experts, so please do make sure all is correct before proceeding with any paperwork or negotiations.

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28 Dec 15 09:28:13 pm
Hello Samir.

Here is the results of a simple Google search. this is a complete article on it.

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