How to prove a product's authenticity

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28 Dec 07 07:04:51 pm

How to be sure that a product we buy in China, or elsewhere, is not a copy from a model of a company?

It's easy when the product is an Ipod for example, we know the product is the property of Apple. But if I want to order a type of alarm, how to be sure the model is not a copy from a korean, japanese or austrian company?

Any idea?

Thanks for your help and ideas.

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15 Jul 09 12:14:27 am
Hi pub,

It's hard to establish the authenticity of brand-name products offered by Chinese suppliers. The vast majority of brand-name goods that come from China are either replicas or fakes. We strongly recommend that you assume that this is the case in the first instance.

We also suggest that you contact the supplier directly and inquire about the products you're interested in. Request that they provide you with a proof of authenticity, as most brand-name items come with official paperwork for resale.


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15 Jul 09 12:39:43 am
SIMPLE, all major name brand products such as alarms, come with a factory warranty. ask the seller it it comes with the item.

of course that dosent stop the seller from from giveing you a dishonest answer, but if you belive in the product, just order a sample, and check it out.

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15 Jul 09 01:03:15 am
Yep, really deep water with this one.

A lot of suppliers will send you fake warranties and such, so it's hard to tell from that aspect. I would suggest you look at the brand name of the product, if you don't know it then do some research on it.

A quick Google search could turn up the company name, then you can see who the brand owner actually is.

Bottom line, if it has a brand name you know, then don't even worry about searching, it's a fake or a scam.

Mark (fudjj)

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15 Jul 09 10:55:06 pm
I agree with fudjj 110 %


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