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Importing for Australians

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30 Aug 08 04:02:15 am

I've done some research on Customs in Australia. So if anyone from Australia that wishes to import stuff overseas, this is a good manual for you from the Customs. It makes things sound easier. Any purchase less than 1000 dollars, all you need to do is fill in Self Assessed Clearance Declaration (SAC).

Then again if your 'less than 1000 dollars' purchase is sent through post, the customs will clear it for you and they will contact you for what you must do next.

*Be careful though, multiple purchases from the same person at the same time means that they will sum up all the packages value and tax you if needed.*

If it isn't by post, then you'll have to fill in the SAC.

I guess one document wouldn't hurt. I just read a few sentences roughly. Here's the link to the PDF for Importing Declaration.

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Here's the link for 'buying online':
[Link no longer available]

For more info on SAC, follow up this link,
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Hope this was helpful for fellow Australian newbies... :D

Have fun importing...

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25 Oct 08 10:26:48 am
Hi Piano1990,
Thanks for the info about importing. I am just an Aussie newbie myself. Just wondering what countries are best to import from, currency exchange and shipping, and have you come across any dramas importing from any particular countries.

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25 Oct 08 10:58:47 pm
No matter what country you import from, it has it's difficulties, and one of the biggest problems at the moment is cost. The Aussie dollar has been smashed, and while it has recovered a little, it is going to make importing anything in small quantities cost prohibitive.

You really would need to be looking at a large scale buy to spread the increased cost across the entire load to lessen the financial impact on yourself, and to have any chance of leaving a decent margin for sale.

Mark (fudjj)

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27 Oct 08 11:11:11 am

To be safe.... I dropship.. Plus i don't really have the capital to invest in importing. Still parents dependant.



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24 May 10 12:47:10 pm

really helped me a lot

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24 May 10 10:14:23 pm
Hello shonargaon,

Importing will always have its hitches, especially for beginners doesn't really matter where you're from. Another thing you might consider is getting a customs broker the first time you attempt to import especially if you're importing a lot of products.

You may also find the following write-ups helpful:

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Cheers! :)


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