Importing profit pack electronics to NZ

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29 Jun 08 12:30:37 am
I am seriously considering purchasing a Profit Pack and having it shipped to New Zealand.
I have a minor concern regarding any electronic equipment contained in the pack.
Will electronic equipment be wired for USA outlets? If so has anyone in New Zealand purchased a Profit Pack and had to convert any such equipment? How much would it cost? Does the cost of changing plugs make purchase unprofitable?
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30 Jun 08 03:07:22 am
Fair trade, I am from the U.S but lived in Australia for 5 months. All of our electronics here in the U.S are of a different voltage, but some items..that are generally the more expensive ones operate on dual voltage so they can take either. Just depends on the item.

Ph also dont try using a U.S electronic item that isn't made for the higher overseas voltage..I did that my first day there and literally blew my alarm clock up and knocked out power to the whole floor of the place I was living.


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