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7 Jan 07 01:56:52 pm
Hello. I just want to know if it is legal to buy anything wholesale and import it for example to Germany ??

And how can i get the big money in this business ? For example the 10,000 $ a week ?? It would be really nice if anyone could tell me some more about earning much money and something about the laws. Thanks

Regards, Sebastian

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9 Jan 07 03:52:49 am
well to answer your second question it requires alot of money and time to make money like that. Plus aquiring the product to sell. If you want to make money like that then you might want to consider liquidation by the truckload. But truckloads go from $10,000 to 28,000 based on the product in the trailer.

Now importing and exporting to germany you would have to check your local laws on imports and duty fees if there are any.

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