Importing to India - any advice?

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23 Jan 12 02:48:13 am
Hi, I understand that India has very high import duties on a lot of things, so am wondering if folks here have experience selling on eBay India using dropshippers from outside India?

For example, are there many dropshippers with the right qualifications in place with the Indian government to ship to India and that can take care of the import requirements and duties, assuming the cost is covered in advance by the ebay seller?

I see lots of asian goods for sale on Ebay India so I know some folks have figured this out, so am hoping folks here may have some advice.


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23 Jan 12 04:49:28 am
Hi smfb,

I'm not sure if we have many members selling on eBay India. But you would get a more definite answer by contacting the supplier directly and asking them about your importing questions.

In the case with dropshipping, it would be your customer who will pay for the custom duties when the goods arrive in India. I highly doubt it can be prepaid.

If you source through wholesalers, some will willingly help you facilitate the importing process, but still you will be responsible for the cost of any duties/taxes.

Hope this helps. All the best! :)


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