Inputs on getting a tax ID number

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20 Apr 07 11:08:55 am
:P This is for the new to INTERNET sales .
This my be use full to you if you are new you do not need a tax number from the federal gov. if you are the sole proprietor off the business you will need a state number if your state has income taxes.
There are some wholesalers that require one any way I hope this is usefull.
Wayne M. Hartley.

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19 May 07 06:34:57 am
and if in case your items ever get locked in customs and the customs require your tax ID number then give them your social security number. this works just fine.

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19 May 07 04:50:03 pm
generally speaking, wholesale to wholesale transactions do notrequire a tax-id, wholesale for retail purpuses do. I own 2 wholesale companies, you are required to have the tax-id on file for all the tax exempt companies that you sell to for audit reasons. If you collect sales tax and the govnt wants to check your sale tax deposits with your books than you will have to prove why you didn't collect the taxes on some individuals, if you don't have their license on file than your liable for those taxes regardless. so that is why just about every legit company that sells to other companies or gives wholesale prices will ask you for it. copmanies from dbl to walmart.


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