Is it legal to import cell phones from China to Australia to resell on eBay?

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18 Oct 09 03:15:59 pm
Hello. I am new to SaleHoo (completely green but keen) and I am trying to find out if it is legal to import cell/mobile phones from China into Australia to sell on eBay. I have been looking at the site (listed on SaleHoo) and they appear to have some terrific prices on what appears to be genuine stock .... Could someone please guide me on this one? Many thanks - Clare

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18 Oct 09 11:28:30 pm
Hi Clare,

Welcome to the site! It's great to have you here. The prices may seem very attractive, in fact, you won’t find anything cheaper, but the problem with brand-name goods that come from China is that most of the time they're either replicas or fakes. It's hard to guarantee that these suppliers will always offer authentic brands where advertised, or that they have the distribution rights. For that reason, if you wish to purchase brand-name items, then we strongly recommend staying away from Chinese suppliers. They're very good for cheap, non-branded goods, though. You're sure to get the cheapest possible prices if you deal with them. You can sell generic, non-branded products, say, cellphones on eBay, so long as they don't make any trademark infringements.

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All the best!


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