Is it legal to import products that look like fake iPods?

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10 Oct 07 04:01:12 am
I was just wondering if we are legally allowed to sell replica watches and mp3 players which look just like iPods? I am new and wondering what is the rule for that.[/url] :roll:

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10 Oct 07 06:10:35 am
I don't think you can. I bidded for a fake lighter on ebay but did not win it. After 2 weeks I got an email from ebay telling me not to buy the item using any method because they were investigating the seller. So definitely it is not legal on ebay :D.

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13 Oct 07 09:47:07 am
Its NOT legal anywhere!!!!!!!!

If it says its brand X and there's no proof or sometimes just a simple receipt, its probably brand Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Remember to check it out very carefully. Replicas are not okay, whereas some 'Remakes' of items are okay even though they have issues.

You will have to explain that its got all the original certificates if its a remake, always.

As if it doesn't, it will always be a copy or a scam from someone over there. Good rule of thumb. And to really sell brand name items of anything without having trouble later, you just need the receipt. A photo of the receipt from them, or having purchased it yourself you have that receipt & can use that photo.

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15 Oct 07 05:14:40 pm
No, the customs at import will confiscate them and destroy them. Leaving you without itme and money :wink:


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