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Is post office money order safe?

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8 Jul 06 10:07:35 pm
Hi guys! I am the one who trying to avoid PayPal fee. I personally think that money order from post office is safe but I heard someone said that money order, cashier check, is not safe. Why? Anybody? Somebody could use the different name? Please help.

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8 Jul 06 11:42:16 pm
I don't think this is 100% safe but maybe some other members can confirm this. Be careful!

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11 Jul 06 08:36:12 am
i know Australia post money order is very safe. Nearly everything i buy on ebay, i pay with that.

Nothing is 100% safe though. The only way i see that you can scam it is if you know someone inside the post office.

Paypal isn't 100% safe aswell. Just go to Link hidden: Login to view to see

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11 Jul 06 09:33:00 pm
Yea, maybe, but how do you get a money order back????? Or your money back? If the deal falls through?

I had a money order stolen from my work, and I had to pay like $34 to Western Union to see if it cleared, and well, it had been stolen - and my name was forged, and it was taken to some cash-checking place in our town, but I never did get my money back - the only way to get my money back was to press charges ... ugh, and what a mess that was!

:roll: So not sure how safe it would be? At least you can do a charge-back with Paypal and/or credit cards...........and if you have to go thru the mess I went thru the fees might payoff...LOL


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24 Jul 06 11:44:42 pm
The 3% Paypal fee is well worth the safety of being able to use your credit card. Better to spend $3 for every $100 than to lose 100% of your investment.

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25 Jul 06 01:20:45 am
AMEN! :) :) :lol:

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