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9 Sep 06 05:11:34 pm
Was wondering if US actually has a postal service that allows sending of small parcels (not exceeding 2kg) at cheaper rates than USPS, FedEx, etc.

Because I'm finding the international shipping costs from the US way too expensive... Even for a small item like 1 watch, I'll need to pay something like USD35 or more. I'm willing to wait for a longer time (up to 14 days), but seems like no one offers affordable international shipping.

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7 Nov 06 03:07:58 pm
I am not sure, last year I send a box via USPS , it had 4 or 5 tshirts, 4or 5 short jeans, a few toys to my son and I payed 58 dollars for it, it was the cheapest I found. Now, I am thinking about sending some clothing and shoes to Venezuela from US, but I guess that USPS is the cheapest. Did you find something else?

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5 Feb 07 11:32:14 pm
The lady at my post office told me that I could ship internationally anything that weighs 4 lbs. or less via air mail letter post even if it's in a box. And you don't have to fill out that big customs form, only a little green one. I just shipped a small item in a small box to Canda for around $5.00.

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15 Feb 07 03:07:21 am
I print my shipping labels through Paypal and have found that USPS Global Priority is cheaper than parcal post. Also parcel post has to be so many ounces. Packages through parcel post must be atleast 12oz (aprox). I can ship to australia for example for only $7.50 through USPS Global Priority on a 2oz package. Not to mention you get delivery confirmation.


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