Mack Warranty option for importers

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2 Oct 08 03:45:25 am
Hi Guys,

This is my situation. I'm wanting to import digital cameras into New Zealand from a manufacturer in Hong Kong.

The problem is, the goods only come with local Canon 1 year warranties. Under the consumer right act: the importer (me) becomes the manufacturer (so to speak). Therefore I would have to deal with the warranty issues (ie: the consumer would send me the camera and I would have to ship to Hong Kong and back (my cost) and then ship it back to the consumer.

This is obviously not something I would be too keen on. I have been told of 3rd party warranties called Mack Warranties.

Is it possible to purchase a mack warranty for a particular camera which means that the consumer would then have a LOCAL warranty which he him/her self would deal with?

Is this possible? I hope this makes sense. I'm desperate for an answer on this.

Any help would be highly appreciated. asap if you can :)


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20 Jan 09 10:00:06 pm
Hi James,

You could try contacting Canon NZ about extended warranties: Link hidden: Login to view

Another option is third-party warranties, such as those offered by Square Trade:

Link hidden: Login to view


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17 Feb 09 10:40:25 pm
Hi Grace,

Does support countries other that US (particularly NZ in my case)?


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