Need help about import fees from Asia to UK

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29 Jan 07 12:28:00 am
I know there is information available but it gets confusing... :shock:

I've found a website I want to buy mobile/cell phones off. They ship from Hong Kong. If I place say an order from them?

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18 Feb 07 08:47:27 am
Your best bet to avoid vat fees is to make smaller purchases. But generally if your buying from china then your gonna get a much better price so the vat fees wont be too bad and still leave you room for profit. If your buying an item for 12 dollars from china that sells for $60
then vat fees wont kill ya.

If they ship ups? or fed ex? then If im not mistaken you can get away without paying vat fees.

Im sure there is another member here that knows more about this then I do.

If there is another member that knows please speak up. Thanks

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