Need some advice about importing goods to EU (Germany)

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7 Jun 07 11:26:06 pm
Hi all,
hope you enjoy your business and doing it good. I am new here and don't really understand all specific things in this business. I want to sell some goods not only in German Ebay but also in all Europe. Do you have any advice about the suppliers or any legal aspects about it?

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8 Jun 07 04:25:48 am
Hi rukhvagif,

I found a few sources on the Internet about importing to the EU & Germany, listed below. I suspect there are more but I am restricted to English-language sites only.

German Business Portal
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Information on EU Import Duties
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I strongly suggest giving your local business centre a call as well as Customs. They will be able to answer specific questions you have.

In general, within EU there are no customs, duties, payments, extra taxes, import problems. The whole point of the EU is to make trade between these countries super easy. It's a great idea to sell on more than one eBay site as you can take advantage of the opportunities different markets provide.

The eBay Germany seller area will also have some useful advice:
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One thing to note: Apparently when you sell on eBay Germany you must have a returns policy on your listings. You are legally obliged to do this and I understand eBay Germany have a recommended wording on the site.

Hope that helps


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28 Feb 08 12:55:50 pm
If I may two pence worth you are correct in saying that you must have a returns policy but this does not apply to private sales.One further thing your return policy MUST state one month not 30 days or 31 days but one month.
I recieve every month the official ebay magazine and there is a case stating just that,thats how I found that out.

Hope that helps.


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